Missi is the main protagonist, albeit a questionable term, of the 2016 musical video; The Night. The animation is created by Daria Cohen and the song is by Voltaire.

She is a seemingly plain human girl who stumbles across the Duke of Vaults mansion. Towards the end of the music video, she is turned into a vampire bride.

She reappeared in another music video created by Daria Cohen, Land of the Dead, (once again; a Voltaire song) during the end credits scene of the animatic.

Missi the Human Edit

Missi or Melissa Dumarias, as revealed in Episode 4: The Silent is a forthcoming College Student for Literature that probably is not interested in any other field of Study, according to her grades also seen in Episode 4.

She has both her parents probably still alive, as well as another related Person called "Nessa", even though it is not revealed what relationship she has with this Character.

Her age is not know exactly, but judging by her college application, she is probably around 18 years old.


The contents of Missi's bag