The Vampair Series Edit

The Vampair Series is a Series of Animation created by Daria Cohen. Normally the Videos follow a Song by different Artists. Being set-up like a mix of music-video and story driven animation.

It currently consists of 4 Episodes as well as Deleted Scenes and a Mini Episode, as well as a number of Speed Drawing videos.

Episodes Edit

  1. The Night
  2. Land of the Dead
  3. Resurrection/ A.K.A: Fuck You
  4. The Silent

Deleted Animatic Edit

Mini-Episodes Edit

Naming of the Episodes Edit

The Naming of the Episodes is quite inconsistent. With the first and second Video being titled "The Night (Fan Animated)" and "Land of the Dead (Fan Animated)", the third one being called "Chapter 3: Resurrection/ A.K.A: Fuck You (Fan Animated)", the mini episode called "Part 3.5 - "Oweee" (Fan Animated) and the fourth called "Episode 4: The Silent (Fan Animated)"

The only consistency being the episode being titled as "Fan Animated" as well as the episode name also being the Name of the used Song. (with the exception of the third Video, which has the Name attached via "A.K.A)

Characters Edit

The Series so far has 2 Main Characters Missi and Duke which, for the exception of the second video (Land of the Dead), are mostly alone.